Blocipedia was the first of my student solo projects. Given a short list of parameters I was tasked with building an application that allows users to create their own wikis. Check it out here.


Build a production quality SaaS app that allows users to create their own wikis.


This was my first project that I built on my own. It was imperative to have a game plan before I started work. After planning and understanding exactly what the parameters required, I developed a plan of attack and began work. That plan of attack included many gems. Devise, figaro, pry, pundit, stripe, and redcarpet are just a few that were implemented to satisfy different required parameters.


I learned the value of quality gems and how they can be implemented to make tasks easier. I learned a great deal about scope and how it can be used to set limitations. One of the more challenging aspects of the project was developing a method for users to upgrade their account. This feature was solved with a gem called Stripe.


It was exciting and concerning to finally be building something without a detailed guide. It caused a lot of confusion and frustration. In the end I feel that what I learned from those difficult times have really stuck and will be valuable lessons learned in the future.